Lavender Rights Project

  • Washington

About Us

The Lavender Rights Project advances a more just and equitable society by providing low-cost civil legal services and community programming centered in values of social justice for trans and queer low-income people and other marginalized communities.

Our organization focuses on providing:

Legal Services

We specialize in direct legal services to members of the trans and queer community, including anti-discrimination, wills and estate management, family law, dependency, and all trans / transition-related legal matters.


We have made coalition-building a central part of our efforts as we actively collaborate with referral and resource partners, community coalition partners, and collaborative program partners in order to effectively serve the instersectional realities of our clients and community members.


We provide trans- and queer-conscious mediation services for a variety of conflicts, such as employment law, family law, and public accommodations discrimination.

Informational Clinics

We provide programming and educational opportunities in order to create trans and queer community resilience by increasing community knowledge, skills, access to, and resources about legal rights.

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