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About Us

Pet Peace of Mind's mission is to enrich the quality of life and well-being of older adults and hospice patients by providing a national support network to help care for the pets they love.

We envision a nation where older adults and hospice patients have the support they need to maintain the loving bond with their pets.

Many older adults and hospice patients live in isolation and an ever-growing number also live in poverty or near the poverty line making them an invisible part of our communities with unmet needs. For these pet families, the human-pet bond can take on deeper meaning and value. Pets are oftentimes their sole source of companionship, comfort and love – giving them hope and a reason to get up every day.  

Many of these pet families need help with their pet care needs.  Very often, receiving help with pet care means the difference between keeping the pet in their loving home or surrendering the pet to a shelter because they can no longer care for their furry companion properly. 

Pet Peace of Mind helps local organizations – from senior centers to nonprofit hospices – meet the needs of such vulnerable pet owners with programs and funding to ensure older adults and hospice patients can continue to provide their animal family members a loving home.