Landmark School Outreach

  • Massachusetts


429 Hale Street
P.O. Box 227
Prides Crossing
United States

About Us

The Landmark School Outreach Program’s mission is to empower students with language-based learning disabilities (LBLD) by offering educators meaningful and effective professional development grounded in theory and practice.

Our strategies help educators broaden their thinking about how to teach students with language-based learning disabilities, which fall under the broader category of specific learning disabilities (SLD). We provide the bridge that links teachers with the evidence-based practices that improve student outcomes.

We offer school consultation, graduate courses and seminars, and online courses to help educators enhance their instruction of students with language-based learning disabilities (LBLD). We do not deliver pre-packaged programs—we partner with teachers to understand the nature of language-based learning disabilities and find ways to make evidence-based practices work in their own classrooms.