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About Us

Teach for Health is an international development organization that utilizes the community health promoter model to leverage community engagement, empowerment and self sufficiency in rural communities throughout the developing world.

We develop cost-effective, measurable programs that stimulate organic social change faster and more effectively than it would occur naturally- essentially serving as consultants and mentors catalyzing the work of an existing group of motivated and talented community organizers.

Teach For Health’s Rural Community Empowerment and Health Promotion program was founded in 2009 in San Ramón, Matagalpa District, a rural, mountainous coffee-farming region in central Nicaragua to assist isolated, low-income communities in developing their own health and development agendas. We work in 21 villages within a 3 hour radius of San Ramón with an association of 69 active community-elected “health promoters” operating as a semi-autonomous self-governing organization. Health Promoters work in teams on health education, disease prevention, screening, triage and community organizing. TFH provides community level consulting using a unique progressive training framework, which is modified and adapted by participants and local partners, with both process targets (empowerment) and outcome targets (new community level projects leading to improved health and well-being). The consulting framework is a 4-stage empowerment training program leading toward meaningful community-led development. We work with many local partners (the Ministry of Health, Firefighters, coffee-farming cooperative consortiums, the Mayor’s office), locally placed Peace Corps volunteers and two to four local “program assistants” (12 month positions hired from within the program and selected with health promoter input).

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