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About Us

The Slate Foundation is saving animals by empowering the children of tomorrow might know the animals of today!

It all boils down to the necessities of life…for animals and people. Animals are poached and trapped because the people who share their environment need to survive and they have no other options. Often times they don't even know the animal is endangered. All they need is education and options…alternate sources of income and food for their families.

When people have options, animals have hope.

The Slate Foundation is filling a gap surrounding humanitarian, wildlife and environmental issues by providing solutions that address the three issues simultaneously.

You simply cannot help one without addressing the needs of the other two!

You can't help the wildlife unless you address the issues of the people, can't help the people unless you address the issues of the environment and you can't help the environment unless you address the issues of the wildlife.

It's a viscous cycle, but it can be stopped. Education and alternate sources of food and income that replace poaching and trapping can reverse the cycle balancing the ecosystem, empowering the people and preserving the wildlife!