Organization of Student Volunteers(OSV)-Nairobi


p.o. box 52543

00200 cty sq

About Us

OSV is a students only volunteer organization based in the university of nairobi. By working with churches, homes, public institutions,We undertake various community development activities on a voluntary basis. our mission is to foster a voluntary spirit among young people in kenya our vision is to have at least 60% of campus students in nairobi involved actively in community work (at present only less than 10% are involved.)

our activities include raising funds for different children's homes, we also source for donations for these homes as well as make regular visits to interact and assist the children. We work together with corporate organizations in their community development activities.

OSV is young and at present hopes to form ties with the government in order to be included in government community development projects. in addition we hope to form partnerships with overseas student or non-student organizations with similar ideals.