Open Windows Foundation


Calle Real 3-43
Zona 1
San Miguel Dueñas


About Us

Open Windows Foundation (Asociacion Ventanas Abiertas) is a library resource center in the town of San Miguel Dueñas, Guatemala. Dueñas is an agricultural town of 12,000 people, of which 4,000 are school-aged children and yet only 2,000 attend school. The average monthly income is less than $80, and many homes do not have running water or electricity. Open Windows, therefore, aims to improve the living conditions of the economically deprived children from in and around the town, by providing access to important educational resources through its services, which the community has come to depend on. These services include a Literacy Program, Computer Classes, Health Clinic, Creativity Opportunities, a Scholarship Program, and more. There are NO other libraries or computer centers in San Miguel Dueñas.