Here for the Girls, Inc.

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About Us

Here for the Girls, Inc.
Improves the lives of young women affected by breast cancer

Young women diagnosed with breast cancer face unique challenges, yet specific resources are slim and peers can be difficult to find. Here for the Girls exists to ensure that no young woman has to make this journey without all the love,encouragement, and information possible from peers who understand. Through Beyond Boobs! (our community-based, in-person Not-Your-Typical Support Systems) and Pink Link (our nationwide, 24/7, online support community), Here for the Girls creates and serves an extended family of young survivors who help one another through diagnosis, treatment, and beyond. We provide a network of women who share laughter and wipe tears; who show their scars and calm fears.These women help each other face their diagnoses and learn to live life with an exclamation point (!) instead of a period. We are Here for the Girls!