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4928 Franklin Avenue
Des Moines
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About Us

The stories are all different, but the need is all the same: our clients love their pets and want to keep them.

Singles, families, old, young, with children, childless, under-employed, unemployed, working multiple part-time minimum wage jobs to support their families, temporarily or permanently disabled, recently divorced or separated and not receiving alimony and child support, homeless or not…

We were founded on the premise that keeping pets with the families that love them benefits everyone by keeping those same animals out of shelters. This is obviously important to the animal and the family, but it also is a cost-savings for the community.

The average cost to feed a dog for a month is $15; the cost of keeping a dog in a shelter can be as much as $15 per day.

Since our doors opened in April 2010, we've provided food and supplies to more than 1600 pets—animals that might otherwise have been turned loose on our streets or relinquished to shelters—through the Pet Pantry and Paws For Life. Many of our clients give back to the community through the Pawsitive Impact Program, volunteering 10 hours for the organization that speaks to their heart.

We post hundreds of lost and found pet alerts each month on Iowa Pet Alert's Facebook page and Twitter feeds, and have created a website that reconnects people and pets by utilizing email, texting and social media—all at no cost. Animal control and police officers even use Iowa Pet Alert to list animals they pick up, giving them another tool to help reunite lost and found pets without straining their resources.

If you agree our mission is important and impactful to the community, we hope you will help us achieve our shared goals by joining us.