People House

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3035 West 25th Avenue

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About Us

We are a collaborative community for healing and growth, offering holistic resources for life's journey. 

Our community is unique. Here you will find people who sincerely enjoy diverse opinions and who truly listen. We aspire to always speak from our own experience and refrain from telling others what their truth should be. This process of inquiry and learning has been our foundation for 41 years. We uphold a philosophy of care that recognizes the mind/body/spirit connection and strive to create a safe space where everyone is accepted and encouraged to be wholly authentic. We advocate for living a life of conscious awareness and responsibility, while acknowledging that we are each constantly progressing along the path of life and will all need help somewhere along that journey.

Clients have the opportunity to have their needs meet through a variety of programs, including work with a Private PractitionerAffordable CounselingVeteran Reintegration, and Community Events.