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About Us

The overall mission of the Center for Resuscitation Science is to improve the survival of victims of cardiac arrest by developing new, more effective treatments and therapies. To accomplish this goal, a team had to be constructed that has the ability to address all aspects required for success including: a solid academic and clinical foundation for collaborative research, access to early responders and community organizations, and a global reach.

The University of Pennsylvania provided the opportunity to form a multidisciplinary team for resuscitation therapies and resuscitation care. The team includes a diverse range of scientists from the medical sciences and engineering, including scientists and clinicians with backgrounds in biochemistry, cellular physiology, medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, anesthesia, surgery, trauma, critical care, neurosciences, mechanical engineering, bioengineering, nursing, veterinary medicine and others. With a leadership team composed of the Director and six Associate Directors plus multiple individual laboratories, the Center will leverage the strengths of the University of Pennsylvania's multiple schools and diverse faculty.

The University of Pennsylvania's urban campus, in the heart of Philadelphia, and its status as a Trauma Center, provide ample opportunity to interface with the community and with the early responders serving the community. With over 100,000 patients seen in the University of Pennsylvania's three hospitals annually and more NIH research funding, $4 million annually, than any Emergency Medicine department nationwide, our campus serves as one of the largest emergency medicine laboratories in the world.

The faculty leaders within the Center have strong national and international active collaborations that will be strengthened in the coming years. These collaborations are a priority, in part to enhance worldwide resuscitation research by offering the Center for Resuscitation Science as a focal point for bringing the best minds in the world together to most rapidly develop new therapies but also, to grow the global leadership in resuscitation science. The new Center for Resuscitation Science at the University of Pennsylvania will develop these leaders as well as the next generation of resuscitation researchers.