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Joined in October 2006

About Us

Teach & Volunteer Projects Abroad is a Non-Profit organisation that is working for the improved conditions of deprived communities through volunteerism. It is based in Accra the capital of Ghana. TeachVolu is a recognized organisation in the field of national volunteering. The group is a non-profit organization with no political or religious affiliations, which is able to operate due to the kind contribution of its members. The group is a registered Organization in Ghana, Registrar General Department under the companies’ code, 1963 (Act 179).

The organization is designed to allow volunteer’s to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to the condition of deprived communities.

The main aim of group is to assist rural and urban dwellers in education, health, empowerment of women and promoting cultural diversity program.

We work with all ages, all genders, and all ethnic groups in Ghana, especially at the rural level.

As an international volunteer with TeachVolu, you will be making a meaningful contribution, working side-by-side with local people and sharing in the goals of a community that warmly welcomes you. You will experience another culture like never before and really get to know its people. You'll gain new perspectives and a unique insight into the culture and yourself. It's an exciting and personally inspiring experience that will leave you with memories that will be with you forever.

As a TeachVolu volunteer, you will work side-by-side with the local community in order to achieve important community objectives. You can chose one of our many programs, all of which are dynamic and inspiring community-led initiatives, including orphanages and childcare centres, schools, health clinics and hospitals, homes for the elderly, centres for people with disabilities, and other community organizations. The programs are designed to ensure they are of interest to you, whilst also being of direct benefit to the local Partner Programs/local community.

Aims and Objectives

To promote the development of Ghana’s youths

Support to the rural folks in terms of education and environment

Raise funds for a children’s trust fund.

Help in the up-rising in IT education

Empower women through micro enterprise

Promote cross cultural solutions

Help in reducing HIV\AIDS menace

Who Volunteers

We proudly represent a diverse spectrum of volunteers from all walks of life. We also welcome all Volunteers World wide.

Adults Are you a working professional looking for an exciting vacation that let you do something really important? An empty nester who is tired of Western Europe and ready to discover a fascinating region of the world? A retiree who is looking for an inexpensive way to live abroad, whilst at the same time making a meaningful contribution? Or perhaps you are between jobs or on a gap year? If you fit any of these descriptions, you've come to the right place. We have programmes that will be meaningful and exciting to you.

If you are only able to spare a month or two you should check out our Volunteer program. This exciting program has the same design elements as our longer programs, but is created specifically for three kinds of adult travellers:

• Those who are travelling on precious vacation time and only have some weeks. • Those who are interested in volunteering for a long period of time, but who first want to try a month of volunteering to see if it is what they want.

If you are an adult student, or an adult looking for work experience abroad, take the time to check out our programs. Although designed primarily for college-age students, there is absolutely no reason why an older adult can't fully take advantage of the truly great features this program offers.

If you are a student, you may well be able to obtain academic credit for your enrolment. And if you're not, then the work experience will be great for your resume. If you're unsure, then stick TeachVolu.

No matter which program you choose, we've created a unique TeachVolu Experience with our volunteers' diverse needs in mind. The framework of: volunteer work, cultural activities and free time means that each volunteer can create a distinct volunteer experience that meets their specific interests and motivations. If you fall into any of this category, we recommend that you do try to volunteer in order to get a true feel for how exciting long-term volunteering can be. You won't be sorry!

Students Teach & Volunteer Projects Abroad is a perfect fit for students, whether they are of college age, or teenagers. This program offers the greatest flexibility. However, we always recommend that you research the available options to select what is best for you.

Our National Abroad program provides the perfect opportunity to gain international work experience or earn college credit for your volunteer experience. Many volunteers receive college credit, either as an internship, field research, or an independent study abroad. You’ll work with your academic advisor to create your own curriculum and unique plan for learning. This experiential education includes volunteering in a different culture, learning a new language and participating in planned cultural activities. Your adviser will ensure that your program has depth, breadth, and coherence, and that it is consistent with your career and educational goals.

You can spend your spring or winter break in a volunteer vacation by enrolling in any of our programs. Interested in organizing an Alternative Break group? Contact us today to learn about special features and materials to promote your group on campus.

Short-term international volunteering provides a rich learning experience for teenagers, whether travelling independently, with their families, or with a High School group. The Group Experience

provides a safe and secure structure for teenage participants so they can focus on the experience of volunteering instead of the logistics of overseas travel. Program Managers provide a thorough overview of what to expect prior to beginning the program, and parents can contact us at any time with questions or concerns.

Not sure which option is right for you? An experienced Program Enrolment Director (Ec-lumor Prince) can provide more information and guide you in your decision.

Upon arrival, in-country staff will welcome participants at the Airport and ensure a comfortable and productive learning environment throughout the program. At the Home-Base, Staff prepares healthy and safe local cuisine and an orientation.

Families For many volunteers, the desire to learn about and be a part of another culture is closely tied to their own connection with family and friends. A number of people have chosen to volunteer with those close to them at home — friends, classmates, colleagues, or other members of local volunteer organizations, and found great satisfaction in sharing their experiences. Our Volunteer program option provides the greatest and personalized volunteer work placements that match each individual’s interests and skills. For those with limited vacation time, our one to two months program is an opportunity for the whole family to travel deep into the heart of a community and immediately step into the rhythm of its daily life. We believe that volunteering abroad can be life-changing for all who experience it, but perhaps this is even more true for volunteer families with young family members who are just starting to form their views of the world. We welcome the opportunity to help children and teenagers experience other cultures and participate in meaningful volunteer work.

Groups Volunteer abroad with a group of your friends, colleagues, or peers for a rewarding and fun experience. Embrace a new culture together and share in the experience of a lifetime. Make new friends volunteering abroad, develop leadership skills, and learn a lot about yourself in the process. All types of groups volunteer abroad with TeachVolu – faculty-led, service-learning, alternative spring break, professional colleagues, team-building, clubs, etc. Your group may even be eligible for a discount on the program fee. Contact us today about volunteering as a group at:

About Volunteering Overseas

Volunteering overseas is the chance for you to make a personal contribution at the global level, to experience hands-on learning about another country and culture, and to exchange ideas with people you might not otherwise meet. As a national volunteer, you will learn from the communities where you work, and from the experience of travelling in the country and interacting with new people. Volunteering overseas is a life-changing experience. You are sharing your enthusiasm, time, skills, and energy and giving "yourself" in a way that allows you to effect positive change. Making a difference can be as simple as spending time with orphans, sharing love and affection, sharing stories and photos with the elderly in a community, or practicing Basic English or Maths with students of all ages and also teach computer. Similar basic volunteering needs in your home community exist overseas, and anyone with an interest in filling those needs can make a difference. The life-changing experience does not end when you return home. Another important part of national volunteering is getting involved in your own community back home. For some, this will mean remaining aware of, or active in, global issues; for others it may mean educating friends and family about the realities of the country where they were a volunteer. For everyone, returning home is an opportunity to share the enthusiasm and inspiration of your experience and be a voice for greater social involvement. By sharing your national volunteer experience with those in your home community and finding ways to incorporate what you learned into your daily life, you play an important role in fostering cultural understanding between people.

Free Time

During your volunteer experience, you’ll enjoy plenty of free time to relax, reflect, and explore the community. Free time is available some afternoons, most evenings, and every weekend. This time is yours to get to know the community and people in your own way. You’ll enjoy the local markets, historic places of interest, Internet cafes and more. Our local staff can give you suggestions for places to visit, or you can create your own agenda. During your weekends, you can take excursions to other parts of the country. However, you may choose not to travel very far, and stay to get to know the community or new neighbours.

Volunteer Work

You can make a difference by supporting and contributing to a sustainable solution designed by the community and sensitive to its needs. You will learn what challenges the community faces and see how your work furthers the community's goals. You will also create valuable connections with the people that you work with each day.

Working with our Partner Programs effectively is a top priority. We operate year-round, providing volunteers or staff support to our Partner Programs. We invest a lot of time and effort into ensuring that the volunteer work is welcomed by the local organizations, and supporting their efforts toward progress.

Volunteers have a great impact on kids in terms of confidence building. They have improved spoken English or Maths, grammar, and overall personality development. There’s a lot of difference between how the kids were before and after the volunteers stay.

People in the community are pleasantly surprised to see that the volunteers visit the seniors in their homes. Also, the elderly feel very special because someone who they consider being in a position of power and authority cares for them - that has a very positive effect on their self-esteem and their ability to cope with their often harsh living conditions.

TeachVolu volunteers provide companionship and one-to-one contact which is not always possible. Volunteers help the teachers with all kinds of hands-on rehabilitation exercises; this offers opportunities for the children to get to know the world better by spending time with people of different cultures. The staff gets to know that there are so many people who care for the education of challenged kids, and this makes them feel confident and positive about their own work. They are also able to get to know, communicate, and work with foreign volunteers, who make their lives more colourful and interesting.

There is no doubt that our volunteers offer assistance to school's English or Maths education (program) and improvement in IT education.

More importantly, they gave opportunity to communicate with the outside world. More people have access to care now, and when volunteers go to homes on visits, the patients are quick to learn and change from them.

For the residents, feel that there are other people in the world who care about them. Not even their relatives or family are as close to them as the international volunteers.

We assist us in rural development programmes designed to empower the underprivileged in society. The presence of our volunteers in the various communities we visit creates a very conducive atmosphere. Communities are especially eager to listen to us when volunteers are present. They are so delighted to be visited by volunteers and therefore react to teachings and other developmental programmes aimed at improving their living conditions.

Each classroom in schools should have a teacher's aid in order to provide more individual attention to the students with special needs. The presence of volunteers allows the teacher to spend more time with the students who most need their attention.

The local authorities and other members of the community are surprised and impressed by the presence of volunteers from abroad. Lectures are giving to the students on life and culture in the West, and how to learn a foreign language effectively. This broadens their vision and gives them confidence... They enjoy their lectures.

The volunteers' lectures make the students realize that language learning is pleasant and enjoyable. Also, their work here arouses the students' interest in the English or Maths language and the people who speak it, as well as the countries where it is spoken.

Because of their frequent visits to the homes of students; knowing the problems of individual students and suggesting solutions, the local community has confidence in our volunteers.

By sharing their professional and life experience, volunteers motivate local staff working with differently-fortune children. Also, by providing direct support to the activities and services carried out by ARIE, volunteers enhance the day-to-day work, and contribute to the rehabilitation of our clients.

Sharing your Professional Skills/Experience

Custom placements are available at a variety of other types of organizations not listed here. If you have a particular skill that you would like to share, we try to match it with a need in the community. We have coordinated meaningful volunteer work for business professionals, fire-fighters, writers, news reporters, journalists, engineers, artists, photographers, and more who wanted to share their professional expertise or experience with others.

Why Pay To Volunteer

Prospective volunteers are surprised to learn that many programs charge their volunteers a fee to participate. At first, this can seem ridiculous. Why should you pay money to work for free? Aren't you already forgoing income you could be making? Here are a few things to keep in mind while trying to understand why the vast majority of programs charge international volunteers a fee: The local organizations and projects with which you volunteer overseas have limited resources and are seldom able to subsidize your trip or cover the costs of hosting you. (These costs include housing, feeding and transporting you, among numerous other things.) If they did have the financial resources to pay an international volunteer, it would almost certainly be more beneficial and cost-effective to hire a local person instead, someone who already knows the language and culture and is likely to stick around. Identifying appropriate host organizations overseas and working with them is time-consuming, takes resources, and requires an experienced and professional staff. The process of preparing, training, transporting, housing, feeding, and supervising volunteers are not cheap.

The costs of recruiting volunteers, producing literature, sending mailings, developing a website, and interviewing potential volunteers are significant. Like all not-for-profit organizations that run international volunteer programs, TeachVolu and programs are driven entirely by volunteer contributions All short-term international volunteer programs have a program fee which covers the expenses of operating the program.

Sharing your Professional Skills/Experience

Custom placements are available at a variety of other types of organizations not listed here. If you have a particular skill that you would like to share, we try to match it with a need in the community. We have coordinated meaningful volunteer work for business professionals, fire-fighters, writers, news reporters, engineers, artists, photographers, and more who wanted to share their professional expertise or experience with others.

Follow these simple steps to start your group volunteering abroad today! 1. Contact us for your application form 2. Choose when and how long you will stay on the project We have year-round and programs that range from 4 – 16 weeks. Customized start dates may be available for groups of six or more. 3. Enroll When you are ready to enroll your group please contact the Director (Prince Robinson) assist with your enrolment.

APPLICATION Interested Volunteers who want to volunteer on Teach & Volunteer Projects Abroad programmes should please request for a free application form by email enquires.

Contact us on

Cost involved All volunteers pay a Participation / Registration fee of 550 USD upon arrival for one month stay on the project. This covers Airport pick-up and drop-off, Program Orientation, Transportation to placement, Administrative work, food and accommodation whiles on the project.

What is Included

Airport Pick Up: Upon arrival, our in country coordinator and a staff will be at the Airport to pick you up. Please do not forget to send us your flight information and we guarantee, you will never miss us at the airport. Orientation: Orientation about the local culture, history, safety, religious, and other issues relating to the country. Accommodation: You will be staying with a host family, within a rented house or a hostel and volunteer will stay either in a single or shared room. All our families are middle-class and live in safe neighbourhoods. The distance from the project varies. The family will provide three meals a day. Compensation: The program fee also covers compensation for local families and hosts who supply accommodation and food for each volunteer. Staying with a host family will allow you to truly be immersed in the local culture. Food: In most cases your meals are cooked and provided for you by your host family. You will be getting 3 Meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) Traditional but very nutritious. If you're a vegetarian or have any allergies, this is taken into account when we arrange your placement. Safety: Your well being while volunteering with us is our priority. We make sure your trip is safe and our in-country coordinator will provide whatever support you may need at any step along the way. Volunteer T-Shirt: Each volunteer will be receiving a T-Shirt from our In country coordinator. Volunteer Certificate: Volunteers will be receiving a certificate after completing their volunteer program. Administrative Charges: Our staff works every day to take care of our volunteers: Emails are answered; phone calls are taken; coordination occurs between projects; and most importantly volunteers are placed within areas of their interest in villages. We try hard to keep these administration costs to a minimum so that your money can be used most effectively.

What is NOT Included? Flight, Airport Taxes, Visa, Immunizations, Personal expenses, Soft drinks, Mineral Water, Passport, Travel Insurance, Entrance fees and in-country travel expenses including any excursions the volunteer wishes to take whiles volunteering except our programs that include travelling.

Important information I. The program fee does not cover soft drinks, mineral water, and personal expenses. Volunteers will be travelling on local buses and not air-condition buses. II. We will offer meals and lodging from the first to the last day of the program.

Teach & Volunteer Projects Abroad is a Non-Profit organisation that is working for the improved conditions of deprived communities through volunteerism. It is based in Accra the capital of Ghana. TeachVolu is a recognized…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Education
  • Science & Technology
  • Volunteering
  • Women


  • P.O Box GP 17359 Accra Central, Accra, None 00233, Ghana

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