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About Us

For Love of Children (FLOC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1965. FLOC provides free educational services beyond the classroom that help low-income students succeed from first grade through college and career.

For Love of Children's Neighborhood Tutoring Program (NTP), is a unique and innovative tutoring program that provides students with one-on-one tutoring that allows them to develop the fundamental skills they need to reach grade level equivalency in reading and math. Each intensively trained tutor uses a nationally recognized reading curriculum and FLOC’s own copyrighted math curriculum to help one student master reading and math skills at an individualized pace. Promotion through each step of the curricula is based on individual assessment, ensuring that each student achieves 100% mastery in one concept before progressing to the next. After just 22 hours of tutoring, students make an average gain of one year of grade level equivalency in both reading and math.

For Love of Children's Scholars Program is a college preparation and success program that begins in middle school and continues until a student graduates from college. Our holistic, multilayer approach exposes and prepares students for successful educational and life transitions. In our weekly workshops, we combine a rigorous college preparation curriculum with theme-based projects that build students’ self-efficacy, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Middle school and high school students also have the opportunity to receive tutoring and homework support and to participate in service learning projects. Our college students participate in college success and career preparation workshops, and all students, including our Post Secondary Scholars, receive individualized advising and case management that allows us to build meaningful relationships with students and their parents as we engage them in the process of navigating their students’ education. For the past five years, 100% of the high school seniors in the Scholars Program have graduated on-time and moved on to pursue postsecondary education.

The Outdoor Education Center (OEC), For Love of Children’s 300-acre wilderness site near Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, is a site where experiential learning provides an exceptional way for youth to integrate positive alternatives into their lives. OEC is a wilderness site which offers a unique setting in which this integration can occur. The wilderness is a powerful learning laboratory – not only for nature and science but for personal development, for building confidence through meeting challenges, and for learning how rewarding cooperative group efforts can be. OEC serves high-risk youth through its partnerships with community-based organizations and charter schools in Washington DC, as well as in western Maryland and West Virginia. The partner sites will receive year-round follow up, to ensure the young people are building on the new self-awareness they gain from the OEC experience. 95% of OEC campers will avoid contact with the juvenile justice system during the year following their camp experience, and all campers will experience personal growth through their experiental experience.