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1815 Boone's Lick Rd.
St. Charles
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About Us

Safe Place is a positive, collaborative community initiative that engages the whole community to provide safe havens and resources for youth in crisis. A local component of a national program, Youth In Need's Project Safe Place brings buinesses and volunteers together to provide help and safety to children and teens facing abuse, neglect or serious family problems and educates young people about the dangers of running away.

Public locations (both for-profit and non-profit) serve as a network of places where youth in crisis can get immediate help. These Safe Place sites extend the doors of Youth In Need's youth emergency shelter and youth services throughout the community. Youth are able to easily access immediate help wherever they are.

Guiding Principles:

1. Young people are valued and.. a. Are empowered and capable of initiating the helping porcess and taking an active role in creating a healthier living situation b. Are more likely to seek help in places that are familiar, safe and identified by a standard, recognized logo c. Have access to services on a nondiscriminatory basis

2. Services to Young People... a. Services focues on immediate interventions to address issues at earliest possible stages of crisis b. Include advocacy and access to safe, supportive resources c. Are evaluated on an ongoing basis

3. The Community... a. Takes active, cooperative role in assisting young people in crisis b. Benefits when a young person can access safe, supportive assistance rather than dangerous alternatives c. Must be educated concerning issues related to young people in order to improve the quailty of services