Uganda Cancer Research Foundation

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P.O. Box 302, Luweero

About Us

In July 2008 Uganda Cancer Research Foundation(UCRF) was formed to bring information about cancer to the people of Uganda.

UCRF is committed to bringing information about cancer to people and to encourage a discussion about what can be done now to reduce devastation, suffering, and death from cancer in Uganda. Many people are unprepared for a diagnosis with cancer, that the health system in Uganda is unprepared to provide a decent service to people diagnosed with cancer, and that Uganda currently lacks coordinated programs to prevent cancer, to screen and detect cancer early.

UCRF members understand that Uganda is a very poor country and, thus, will not be able to establish decent coordinated services for most of its citizens who are threatened or touched by cancer for a longtime. Yet cancer touches the lives of thousands of Ugandans every year, and will become an important problem as infections and people change their lifestyle from a traditional African to a lifestyle that is urbanized and westernized.

UCRF is hereby therefore to appealing to individual, organisations, charities that are in position to assist and also support scaleup cancer related activities in Luweero either through volunteering to carry out community sensitisation or through funding and material support.

We will be very gratiful for your support to our cause!