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About Us

Empower Mentoring Program works with middle school youth in the Seattle area. We offer one-on-one mentoring and group workshops for the students to be able to grow and learn tools to manage the different issues that this age group deals with so rapidily. Our mission is to create lasting relationships between mentor and student, in which the student feels empowered to take responsibility for their own life.

Besides one-on-one in person mentoring we start to introduce e-mentoring and the use of technology in the second year of the program, or 7th grade. The students and mentor continue to meet one-on-one, but now they also work to create a form of communication through weekly emails. The students will learn how to effectively use email, and they will use other internet based platiforms, such as blogging and video creation with their mentors. In the third year of the program, or 8th grade, the students and mentors will start to use web based video calling as an extra form of communication, and the students will learn about the safety concerns of social media and how to use it safely and effectively.

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