Mental Health Association in Suffolk County

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About Us

Founded in 1955, The Mental Health Association in Suffolk County, Inc. (MHAS) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to improving the mental health of our community. Since inception, we have advocated for improved services and funding for adults and children living with mental illness. MHAS strives to educate the community towards a realistic view of those who are affected with mental illness and the treatment options available. We accomplish this goal through education, support, program development, referral services and advocacy.
MHAS supports and encourages family members of individuals with mental illness to learn more about the nature of the disorders. Toward this goal, our family and friends support groups offer support and the opportunity to share resources and learn more about mental illnesses. In addition, MHAS hosts several support groups for individuals diagnosed with mental illness. These groups focus on peer support and foster opportunities to share personal accounts of recovery and the challenges faced in managing symptoms of mental illness.

MHAS offers educational conferences, workshops and speakers to Suffolk County residents and professionals on a variety of topics related to mental health. In addition, to correct misleading and/or stereotypical information or behaviors, our anti-stigma program offers education and direction to those who advance stigmatizing views of mental illness and individuals living with the disease.

MHAS is probably best known for the information and referral services we provide. Each year, our staff and volunteers receive more than 4,000 telephone and email requests from individuals, families and professionals looking for mental health resources, advocacy and information on ancillary services.

The Mental Health Association in Suffolk County, Inc. is an affiliate of Mental Health America and the Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc.