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About Us

Ideatopia is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to empower social entrepreneurs - helping communicate, develop and execute their ideas.

Ideatopia's first project is the IdeaConnect. IdeaConnect is a public social network that aims to promote entrepreneurship. This social network will serve to provide the following for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • A marketplace for entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, inspire each other and provide feedback
  • A soap box to share their business plans and mission statements
  • A blog to provide followers of the idea knowledge of the entrepreneurs progress
  • A marketing platform to promote events, venues, and resource needs
  • Inform others of your current status with your organization
  • Allows others to provide advice in a message board format to encourage lively discussions centered around your entrepreneurial idea
  • Encourages business practices within start-up organizations

IdeaConnect allows users to post their ideas in addition to their personal profile. Users can control access to this idea, by making it public, viewable throughout the web, private so only "affiliated" start-ups can view it, or semi-private so anyone in your groups or within the entire IdeaConnect network can view it. The best way to understand IdeaConnect is by joining. Currently, IdeaConnect is in development, an alpha test will be released in the coming months where the first set of invited users will get their hands on it.