Goodluck Foundation Project

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About Us

The Goodluck Foundation Project is a non religious, charitable and non profit making organization whose main objective is to restructure the mindset, advance the cause of humanity, human discourse and mankind generally, particularly with special focus on seminars and programes to empower Nigeria, eradicate poverty.

The objects of the organization involves:

1.To campaign and advice the principles of human discourse

2.To raise the level of humanity and human discourse through seminars and public talks

3.To sponsor or support programes and or engage in activities aimed at promoting and propagating humanity and human discourse.

4.To raise funds and set up trust funds, receive and hold funds on behalf of charitable bodies and receive donations and contributions for the protection and propagation of humanity and human discourse.

Membership is open to persons irrespective of their status, political affiliations or religion, that are committed to the alleviation of the less fortunate in the society