Hill-tribes Mission Aid of India

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About Us

To uplift and develop, encourage and strengthen social morality and character among the tribal community themselves and outside.

To set up Primary Health Care, Hospital, Dispensary and Primary education Center at various remote villages and rural areas.

To enhance humanitarian concerns of alleviating poverty.

To disseminate education of children in backward and hill areas, to spread mass education amongst the public, to open and establish training center such as: Schools, Seminary, Children Home, Nurse Training Center, Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Center (disabled/Drug addicts), Farming, and to work for mental and moral welfare of the people.

For creating self-employment opportunity for many people out of the jobs created and for making demonstration to the youth for self employment in as much as the policy of employment Assurance Scheme introduced by the Government.

To encourage educated persons to write books, to translate books written by eminent authors, to publish magazines such as; Bi-monthly, Monthly and Weekly to publish books disposable at a moderate price.

To take up socio-economics activities like, village industries, handloom and handicraft, Agriculture, Fisheries, Sericulture and Horticulture.

To organize Seminars on HIV/AIDS awareness programmes and Conference to discuss and study the problem to the object of the Association.

To set up vocational Computer Training Institution at various rural areas especially for women.

To contact, help and cooperate any organizations/Agencies/Company, National and International, having similar objects as those of this society.

To raise fund and accept Grant, Loans and Donations from members and the public and financial aids from the government and other financial institutions.

To do all such lawful acts and things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objects.