Full Spectrum Living Institute

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About Us

The purpose of the Full Spectrum Living Institute is to provide a relaxing environment of natural beauty for diverse individuals to come together as a community to explore their mind, body, spirit and emotions while forging new friendships in the hopes of transforming themselves and their world for the better.

Our retreats and gatherings are a place for us to have fun and experiment with ways of developing a more extraordinary, full, intimate, and loving experience of life for ourselves as well as the larger global community.

The retreats are a place for you to try new things and to share gifts or activities, which have enhanced your well being, with others wishing to engage in those experiences. A pivotal aspect of the experience is for each participant to share his or her gifts through coordinating at least one activity. The types of activities that individuals will direct will depend on their talents and will range from leading a run, sewing, or cooking, to heading up discussions on topics like religion or finances. One need not be an expert in the activity they lead. The only requirement is that the activity you share be one that has had some positive effect on the quality of your life, or the larger community in general.

We strive to cultivate a safe, friendly environment for all participants and are proud of the welcoming atmosphere created in previous weekends. Sharing the assets that contribute to our sense of wellness can be a surprisingly rich, empowering learning experience, leading us to deeper realizations of how our gifts can impact others in our everyday lives. Thus, by participating in this occasion, we all will have the opportunity to enjoy the growth that comes from both facilitating and receiving diverse experiences.