Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund

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About Us

The Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund’s (AGFAF) mission is to empower young Afghan women and men committed to bringing about social change and gender equality in Afghanistan. AGFAF assists students obtain a US education but is far more than a scholarship program for the benefit of individual students. It is a highly selective program intended for those students who will return home after graduation, graduate school or a post graduation internship and use their education to improve the quality of life in Afghanistan.

AGFAF identifies U.S. based college opportunities for academically qualified Afghan students who require financial assistance in order to pursue their education.  Where possible, AGFAF provides funds to meet costs other than tuition, room, board and certain fees not covered by a college scholarship, grant or loan. AGFAF assists recipients in maintaining connection with home and culture by paying for round trip airfare to and from home each summer and assists in finding Afghanistan based internships during these summers.

Many obstacles, both cultural and familial, stand in the way of students leaving Afghanistan to study abroad. Once they do however, many face challenges to returning home especially if they have studied in the U.S.  Notwithstanding how formidable these obstacles and challenges are, students selected into the program have agreed from the outset to return home. In cases where their return is delayed,  AGFAF encourages students to work for a better future for Afghanistan through their work or via independent projects while they remain in the US. All AGFAF students are committed to helping their country.