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INTRODUCTION TO WINGS OF LOVE CHARITY MINISTRY Wings of Love is a community development charity organization, started by its mother organization, Christ Harvests The Nations Ministries (Registered at the Registrar General’s Department as an NGO in 1996), to reach out to needy communities irrespective of their religious, social, political or cultu ral affiliations and backgrounds.

The passion of Wings Of Love is to reach out to the underprivileged in the rural areas and city streets and provide them good sustainable social services, quality basic education, Job training and job creation opportunities. The Wings Of Love does not only provide aid to the needy but also assist them to be self reliant through community development projects.

PHILOSOPHY The Wings Of Love believes that most needy and poor in the society have great potential and ability that can be tapped to make them self-sustaining and this world a better place.


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT The Wings Of Love initiates and undertakes community development projects that are aimed at teaching the people to be self-reliant so as to be able to help themselves and others.

Our community development projects include - Health, Medical and Sanitation: Under this venture we educate the rural poor on good health practices, the role of family planning as a health factor in community development, HIV/AIDS awareness creation and preventive measures.

- Farming and Agro-Processing: The 21st century is presenting the world with major challenges in agriculture production. The rural poor who forms the bulk of the world’s population always finds it difficult crossing the informational gap to have adequate access to information regarding modern good farming practices. Wings of Love strive to bridge the information gap by making available at the doorsteps of the rural poor information regarding good farming methods, more yielding crops and also helps them initiate agro processing ventures to add value to their farm produce.

- Creating small scale industries: We believe there will not be any meaningful development without the ability to develop and establish Small Scale Industries that help the rural poor produce some of the products they need regularly thereby creating jobs for the youth. We do our best to identify ventures that will serve the mutual interest of both the community and the investor.

- Youth Re-Education through Seminars and Lectures and distribution of Literature: Many African Youths have been miss-educated. Whilst they were supposed to taught what exactly they have to do to improve the quality of life in their various communities by way of job creation, they have been educated to finish school and hunt for jobs. This situation has brought about many educated “illiterates” who could not get jobs and end adding to unemployment rate and escalating the social problems of Africa. Through the Re-Education programs of Wing of Love these youths are taken through skill building orientation courses and helped to establish their own businesses and thereby providing employment for others.

- Establishing Libraries: Vital Information, the key to sustainable development is lacking in many African Communities. We try to address this situation by providing libraries for communities and donate books to school libraries especially those in the rural communities.

- Providing recreational facilities for the youth of low-income communities. The U.N convention on children clearly gives and established the right of children to play. Many children in developing countries are denied this very important right. Where they are not engaged in Child Labor, there are totally no recreational facilities to enable the kids enjoy this very right.

- Providing Quality education opportunities for the innocent children that find themselves in the deprived communities we reach. In many communities Wings of Love have visited children have to walk several miles in other to attend school. The smaller kids have to wait and grow till they can really make the daily journey to school on their own. This has resulted in many kids not been able to make it to school at all. We work with the communities to provide quality education for the innocent children whose desire is to go to school.

- Providing training opportunities though the establishment of Vocational and Trade learning institutions.

These projects and programs are designed to improve on the general quality of life in the communities in which they are situated.


INTRODUCTION TO WINGS OF LOVE CHARITY MINISTRY Wings of Love is a community development charity organization, started by its mother organization, Christ Harvests The Nations Ministries (Registered at the Registrar…

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