Jumoke Academy Charter Schools

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About Us

Jumoke Academy Charter Schools is an organization that has proven that the achievement gap can be closed. Through the passion and hard work of our talented faculty, staff, and parents, the Jumoke community has shown that all children can achieve at the highest levels of excellence. Jumoke Academy has consistently been rated as one of the highest performing urban schools in Connecticut.

Founded in 1997 by Thelma Ellis Dickerson, Jumoke opened as a small elementary school of 125 students, K-3rd grade and a staff of fifteen. Today we employ over 65 staff, enroll 488 students and enjoy 3 distinct educational programs: Steps to Prep (a Pre-K - 2nd grade early education center); Thelma Ellis Dickerson’s Jumoke Academy (grades 3rd – 5th); and Jumoke Academy Honors Middle School (grades 6th – 8th). At 500 students we are educating approximately 2.5 percent of Hartford’s 20,000 students.

One of the primary purposes of Jumoke Academy Schools is to accept struggling students who historically have attended low-performing urban schools. It is our mission to help students develop a love for learning and obtain the skills to succeed at a high level academically, socially and in personal character. For the past five years our waiting list of Hartford students has exceeded 300 families – a demand that we have sought to meet through expansion and replication of our programs.

We are looking for driven, exceptional, and proven professionals to join our crack team of faculty and staff. Our small and passionate educational community is an ideal work environment for an individual who wants to be on the front lines of making a difference in an urban school.

Are you relentless in your pursuit of excellence, sweat every detail, and feel that "failure" is not a part of your vocabulary? Do you want to be part of a team that is dedicated to closing the achievement gap for poor and minority students? Then apply for a position with Jumoke Academy and prove it!