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About Us

TheInnerRevolution.Org is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to galvanizing the “Inner Revolution” taking place on this planet – a revolution toward Oneness, Accountability and Mutual Support. We do this through a variety of programs including YouTube videos, Huffington Post blogs, a radio show (Inner Revolutionary Radio on, trainings, public and private events, books, music and more.

For many of us, the urge to change the world came at a young age. We saw suffering in our families, neighborhoods and world, and we wanted to do something about it. Perhaps we went toward protests and activism, but then got fed up with the anger and polarization we experienced in the movement. Perhaps we discovered that no matter what we tried to fix, there were infinitely more problems, and often the fixes weren’t realistic and didn’t work. And many of us noticed that WE had a lot of work to do on ourselves.

This caused generations of us to look within. We turned to therapy, the human potential movement, New Age/New Thought spirituality, 12-step programs, religion, meditation, yoga, even medication to change our own reactivity. But even that wasn’t enough, because, as many of us discovered, there is no personal salvation. We may quit drugs, but a cocaine addict can still hit us on the freeway; no matter how evolved we are, our daughter may be raped and permanently damaged; no matter how much we meditate, our weather is becoming more extreme, just like everyone else’s. And the suffering continues.

At TheInnerRevolution.Org, we believe that to alleviate suffering on this planet, we need to change ourselves AND our world, and our community has experience doing just that. For over 30 years, we have been developing programs and materials that help us transform as individuals and as a collective. We are not claiming or even suggesting that you cannot or should not get support of be active elsewhere. On the contrary, the Inner Revolution is already occurring and it is our intention to support it in any way we can.