D.r.e.e.m. Reality

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620 26th Ave
Santa Cruz
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About Us

To educate ourselves and others on the environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainability through the creation and sharing of research, specialty projects, and hands-on experience. To develop an Education and Research Eco-Facility to explore, enact, and demonstrate sustainability in a community setting.


As approved by the California Secretary of State, below is our official "Statement of Purpose":

A) To create a self-sustaining institution that actively promotes and participates in the education of environmental and humanitarian awareness, improvement and preservation.
B) To apply various research techniques, including but not limited to literature review, case study and survey conduction, observation, participation, and documentation.
C) To disseminate research results through various educational venues, including but not limited to literature publication, online media, lectures, workshops, and film production.
D) To put research results into practice through applications, including but not limited to consultation, evaluation and community building.
E) To create, produce, and distribute relevant technologies and products, including but not limited to solar panels, alternative fuels, organic food and drink, mindful clothing and art for educational and not-for-profit financial supplementation purposes.