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IndieNash Media & Outreach Services (INMOS) is a nonprofit agency focused on reaching out and helping the homeless, indigent, and unemployed and also providing education, information, testing, and services related to HIV/AIDS & other such diseases. INMOS is also dedicated to promoting independent music & art, freethought, and civil/human rights.

IndieNash Media & Outreach Services seeks to help those individuals who are homeless, indigent, and/or unemployed by helping to provide necessary food, clothing, and shelter, as well as providing coaching and education in the development of life/employment skills and career choices. INMOS will reach out to individuals and families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS by helping to provide educational materials, free testing, bill assistance, food, housing relief, and more. INMOS will also be a voice for peace and freethought and will provide education/information regarding civil rights and social justice issues within an inclusive spiritual frame. Being in Nashville, an entertainment and artistic hub, INMOS is also dedicated to promoting the arts & culture by helping independent artists and entertainers to “get off the ground” and gain recognition.

This will be done through publishing In Phase News (which will be printed twice monthly and primarily distributed through homeless & unemployed street vendors) and In Phase Magazine (which will be printed quarterly and available primarily though membership subscriptions) as well as our website Also, we will be producing our weekly video webcast “This Week In Phase” which will spotlight a local artist/entertainer each week and also have a roundtable discussion concerning current events and civil rights/social justice issues and will keep people informed about our ongoing outreach efforts. We will also work with independent filmmakers to produce documentaries that align with our mission and vision. INMOS will utilize that involvement with the artistic and entertainment communities to help gain outside recognition and interest in its ongoing services, charitable/educational outreaches, and pursuits.

HIV/AIDS Campaign and Services, HIVe House

We will also be offering free HIV/AIDS related educational materials, testing, and services to the outlying areas of middle Tennessee and at each of our various live events and venues, providing a crucial social service to our community. We will tailor these services to the specific needs of each individual. Helping to provide bill assistance, food, or housing relief (and more) are all conversations we’re willing to have and services we wish to be able to provide. Our HIV/AIDS initiative includes directly confronting stigma and discrimination related to HIV positive status, gender identity, and sexuality as well as helping to build a community norm that places value on healthy relationships, supportive communities and families, stable employment, and freedom from stigma, discrimination, bullying and harassment, and physical violence. We will be establishing “HIVe House” which will be affordable supportive housing for people with HIV/AIDS. We plan to work together with other agencies in the Middle Tennessee area who are already working in this field. We wish to be a supplemental agency which they can turn to for additional and immediate help if needed. We also plan to offer individual case management to those persons who are not already receiving it from another local agency.

Helping the homeless, indigent, and unemployed! ARC House

Our outreach efforts will also include helping those who are homeless, indigent, and unemployed. Our publication will be made exclusively to these individuals for them to take and resell these on the street for a profit for themselves in an effort to be able to meet their own needs. In addition, throughout the year, we will have special outreaches to help provide food, clothing, and shelter for these individuals. In addition, we will be planning several “Life Skills” classes and “Employment Skills” classes, seminars, and job fairs throughout the year. We also hope to be able to provide a food warehouse to be made available to some of the outlying counties of Middle TN. We plan to be able to have our own housing – “ARC House“– to help better meet the growing needs of Middle Tennessee. As with our HIV/AIDS outreach, we will offer individual case management and social services to those persons who are not already receiving it from another local agency.

We plan to start a new internet radio network with stations for independent regional rock, country, pop/techno/hip-hop, spiritual music genres as well as for local talk radio programs dealing with many of the same issues that will be raised in the mag and on the website. We will also be producing educational and informational documentaries, webcasts, podcasts, etc. And, of course, funds will be continually used for our outreach efforts to those in the community!

Nondiscrimination Policy

Though NOT a "religious organization", INMOS does operate from a foundation of love, inclusion, and acceptance of others and is committed to providing an an environment and programs/services that are free from discrimination on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin or ancestry, color, disability, military service/obligations/stauts, veteran status, gender, sexual identity/orientation/gender expression, religious affiliation, creed, marital status, height, weight, or age (for those over eighteen). This policy applies to all employees, volunteers, members, clients, and contractors of INMOS. This policy also applies to internal promotions, training, opportunities for advancement, terminations, outside vendors, members and customers, service clients, use of contractors and consultants, and dealings with the general public.

IndieNash Media & Outreach Services (INMOS) is a nonprofit agency focused on reaching out and helping the homeless, indigent, and unemployed and also providing education, information, testing, and services related to HIV/AIDS &…

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