Gordon College

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About Us

In a world that places a high value on the development of the mind, how can we more effectively grow the soul?

Gordon College provides an environment where both mind and spirit can soar. Almost all Christian colleges put strong emphasis on behavioral expectations, chapel attendance, and prayer before classes. Gordon goes beyond this. Every professor integrates Christian thought and assumptions into classroom study.

We embrace a process of education that links the intellectual and spiritual dimensions of life. Gordon is serious about its commitments. We expect our teachers to live in a vital relationship with Jesus Christ and model His life principles before their students.

Many in secular institutions disagree with this basic faith and life requirement. They say it infringes on academic freedom. Not so. We completely embrace academic freedom. We do so within a common framework of faith. But that's not a straightjacket. It's an understanding that Christianity and its values provide a springboard to explore truth in all its dimensions.