Yang'at Girl Child Potential Sensitization Group

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Rift valley

About Us

Yang' at girl child potential sensitization group herein known as “Yang’at “(meaning care in the local language) was formed in 1999 by four Pokot ladies. They saw the because there was high school-drop-out rate among girls in the community and difficulty in accessing clean drinking water due to long distances from the water source.

Yang’at is involved in education, health and water as a way of empowering the girl child. Yang'at is a community-based, non-governmental organization not bound by religious or political ideology.

Yang'at aims to be a leader in promoting positive community change by faciliting communities access to education, water and health services

Goals -Facilitate access to clean water and improved sanitation -Promote education for all in Pokot -Promote health services to the entire community -Enhance the institutional capacity of Yang’at

Area of operation Yangat’ operates in Greater Pokot in Kenya and Uganda.

To achieve the above Yangat has been engaged in the following activities:

  • Community Mobilization to identify projects
  • Formation and training of water sanitation and environmental committees
  • Construction of shallow wells, Roof catchment tanks and sand dams
  • Identification, training and certification of artisans for well, tank and latrine construction

Yang’at in collaboration with Church World Service (CWS) and SAP (Netherlands Programme), has managed to construct over 12 sub-surface dams, 2 shallow wells, 1 roof catchment tank and one gravity flow among others.