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About Us

Body Love 4 All’s mission is to empower everyBODY to discover and celebrate themselves, develop confidence, and create positive and supportive communities. Focusing on the key concentrations of size, gender, race, and ability, Body Love 4 All examines the intersection of body shame and wellness. So often, unhealthy relationships with our bodies manifest themselves in low self-esteem, poor decision making, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, deliberate self-harm, school drop outs, etc. These can exacerbate mental illness and lead to further destructive behaviors. Our programs work to combat early onset of body issues in children which often lead to damaging and unhealthy behaviors towards themselves and others. In addition to our work with children, BL4A helps adults connect with themselves and transform their lingering self-love issues into feelings of confidence and happiness.

Built upon our four core principles of body love, we offer self-discovery and empowerment programming to children and adults. Those principles are:

1. Practice Radical Body Love, by focusing on self-care, self-love, and embracing your own unique beauty.

2. Enjoy Pleasurable Movement, by being present in your body and finding the type of movement that feels right for you.

3. Redefine Health, by reducing anxiety, listening to your body’s signals and creating a stronger relationship with yourself that can lead to better emotional and physical health.

4. Create Supportive Community, by raising awareness, educating your peers and strengthening your personal support networks.