Aprovecho Research Center (ARC)

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79093 Hwy 99
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About Us

For over 30 years, Aprovecho Research Center (ARC) has been designing and implementing improved biomass cooking and heating technologies in more than 60 countries worldwide. Aprovecho was established in 1976 as a research and education center dedicated to researching appropriate technology and sustainable living. In 2006, ARC became a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to developing and disseminating clean cookstove technologies for meeting the basic needs of refugees, impoverished people, and communities in the developing world.ARC has been the world's leader in open source development of all aspects of improved cooking stoves and continues to be heavily involved with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and other multi-national organizations working in the cookstove sector. ARC consultants work with non-profit, for-profit, and governement agencies around the world to test, develop and produce better cookstoves.