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About Us

Caliber Schools is re-imagining  K-12 education. We are creating a network of public K-12 charter schools in the Bay Area which will prepare our students to succeed in college and beyond. We have significantly redesigned the traditional school model through innovative uses of staffing, scheduling, and technology.

We offer a personalized curriculum, where each child will get the support they need when they need it. We combine great teaching with adaptive educational software and will make extensive use of student data to design our educational program. Throughout the year, our students complete engaging multi-disciplinary projects. They learn computer coding and computational thinking. We have an intense focus on writing.  We ensure that our students develop the social, emotional and other life skills they need to succeed in school, in college and beyond.

We chose Richmond, CA as our first location after meeting with many parents, educators, and community leaders there who shared our belief that Richmond was ripe for a college-preparatory K-8 school that would become a hub of innovation. Our plan in Richmond is to have two K-8 schools feeding into a high school, serving a total of over 2,000 students. We are also in the process of filing a K-8 charter for our second community, in Vallejo.