Fathers for Equal Rights, Inc.

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701 Commerce St.
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About Us

Fathers for Equal Rights Inc. is a non-profit organization serving Dallas and surroundining counties. We are the oldest civil rights organiztion in the state, working on behalf of fathers, children, and families of Texas. We believe children have the right to grow up with both parents in their lives.

We have volunteer family law attorneys that help our members become educated in family law while saving them thousands of dollars in attorney's fees. We offer education and support regarding the court system or any other legal issues, mediation services, typing/paralegal services, Dna paternity testing and referrals to a variety of specialists who are proven advocates of a child's right to both parents. We also help members resolve family and lifestyle problems.

Above all else, we are committed to changing a system that punishes on parent or gender and ignores the children it was designed to protect.