Coastal Research Volunteers

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122 Mast Road
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About Us

The Coastal Research Volunteer group is a new volunteer group who works with coastal researchers associated with various seacoast groups including University of New Hampshire researchers. The CRV program is part of the New Hampshire Sea Grant Program and UNH Cooperative Extension.

Mission: To aid in protecting the long-term health and natural resources of New Hampshire's coastal waters and estuarine systems through various research, monitoring and education projects.

The goal of the Coastal Research Volunteer Program is to engage volunteers in enhancing and expanding research along the New Hampshire coast as well as the Great Bay and participating in meaningful science and stewardship opportunities. The program provides an interface where interested volunteers are matched with researchers to work on a variety of projects in the New Hampshire Seacoast and surrounding watersheds. Opportunities for projects include salt marsh monitoring, American eel monitoring, oyster reef restoration, horseshoe crab surveys, and phenology monitoring. A great variety of engagement is available—volunteers can participate in data collection, recording, education, outreach, and hands-on involvement.