Seeds of Hope - Peru

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About Us

We are a registered charity which works to fight poverty by providing education and material assistance to some of the poorest children.

The mission of Seeds of Hope is to support children living in extreme poverty, providing education and vocational training for those without economic means, enabling them to break the cycle of poverty.

The Seeds of Hope School was opened in March 2006 and we now work with around 55 children aged between 6 and 18 who are at high risk of dropping out of public school and with a small number of children who do not attend public school, working with them to raise the standard of their reading and writing to enable them to enter the education system.

We provide a supportive environment in which the children obtain help and encouragement with their homework. This is crucial as most of the children come from families where the parents have to work long hours to support the family and/or cannot read or write. In either case, they are unable to provide the help needed to ensure that the children remain in education until they graduate secondary school. We also try to educate the children's parents about the importance of them staying in school and the long-term benefits that this will bring to the children and the family.

Our programme runs from our own small school in the centre of Huaraz and provides a safe space for the children to do their homework, with the help of our qualified teachers and local and international volunteers.

We recognise that these children need to overcome disadvantage and many other barriers to succeed in education, so Seeds of Hope Peru tries to ensure the children have everything they need to participate in their education through emotional and material support. The children are taught to take responsibility for their own education and to value the opportunity they have to learn. They are also given emotional support from our volunteers, taught the importance of personal hygiene and provided with a nutritious meal at the end of each session. Seeds helps to provide the children with school uniforms, study materials and school matriculation fees as required. In addition, we also help to pay for medical assistance as the need arises.

For more information about Seeds of Hope, please take a moment to watch this video: