Hamukungu Parents Secondary School

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About Us

Hamukungu Parents Secondary School was started by the local community in Hamukungu fishing village which is an enclave in Queen Elizabeth National Park in the Western Uganda district of Kasese on the shores of Lake George. This school serves the vast area of Lake Katwe Sub-county communities comprising of six park enclaves largely of fisher and pastoral communities. Teachers are paid by parents through contributions which in most cases are not forthcoming due to poverty levels here.

The lack of access to economic resources coupled with the highest levels of HIV/AIDS prevalence in the community, marginalisation by governments in terms of social services delivery have all contributed to the suffering of this community.

This is therefore to appeal for International Volunteers who can help us in the teaching of sciences and also those sympathisers that can help fund raise to improve the conditions at the school(sanitation, lighting, accommodation both for teachers and students, provision of safe water and a laboratory). Whoever can donate a brass band for the school would be very welcome as this will help the school have some income to enable it foot some of its operational bills and also attract more students.