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About Us

BeeF is an organisation that existed from 2007, after the launching of my maiden book “UNVEILING NATURE WITH POETRY”. The experience obtained through the struggle to get the book printed and launched caused me to get a foundation set up to enable young women who wanted to cause a change access and contribute their quota without hindrance. In July, 2010, after the milead fellows’ conference in Accra, Ghana (brainchild of MOREMI initiative) and knowing a decade was declared to empower the African women by the African Union, my MICHANGE project had a wider sphere. I decided not just to have a GIRLS PARLIAMENT institution but a networking and mentoring database which will help the Ghanaian women and African to make the dreams of the today and tomorrow young woman a reality. The collaboration with other gender based NGO’S is to enable a widespread of the change the project is to cause in helping get Ghana to attain the dream of MDG in 2015.

Vision An inclusive society in which young women participate in social, economic and political processes with decency and discipline.

Mission: To develop and strengthen leadership skills amongst young people especially, women.


i. Aims: The Project has two main aims: (a) Promote young women’s participation in the political system in the country enabling them become active participants in decision making processes in all the levels, and contributing to addressing the social and cultural barriers that prevent women from accessing development initiatives due to their exclusion. (b) Raise awareness of governance issues among the young women and enable them to understand the structural constraints which have resulted in their lack of participation in politics, and its connections with other aspects of their low status in society.

ii. Objectives:

a. To organise a series of school level seminars, information and discussion sessions, workshops and training programmes in leadership skills; governance; mentoring, networking; advocacy, democracy and participation to improve their confidence and build the skills of the young women and through this to enhance their ability to take part in the social system and political machinery for decision making.

b. Train young women’s groups to become Community Gender Advocacy Volunteers to provide continued support in programme development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. This model will be used to organise and provide advocacy training for women’s organisations and school leaders – to develop their campaigning, lobbying and advocacy capacity at the schools and national students’ politics.