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About Us

The Cameroon education fund was recognized and officially legalized on the 30th of January 2012 by the Cameroon Government, with decision number 08/AR/E26/PS/118. It was legalized by the Senior Divisional officer for Bui. The organization is covered by Law Number 90/053 of 19/12/90 which relates to freedom of association This organization is an apolitical, non religious and non lucrative one. It is named Cameroon Education Foundation (C.E.F). C.E.F targets all the rural schools in Cameroon and has administrative head quarters in Kumbo, Bui Division, and North West Region of Cameroon. From this point of view, the foundation has already begun responding to the needs of some institutions in the North West Region.
The overall goal of this organization is Empowering people through education.
The specific objective is to initiate and create libraries in rural schools in Cameroon and thus facilitate education of underprivileged children and the minorities.
The organization has the following objectives under which it operates;
• Encourage the quest for profitable knowledge and its propagations
• Promote academic infrastructural and curriculum development.
• Promote moral values within and out of campus
• Facilitate access to education to all children of school-going age, especially the underprivileged and minorities.
• Encourage and promote democratic values.
• Work to realize the millennium development goals on education.