100 Legacy Academy Charter School

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75 Morton Street
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About Us


The 100 LEGACY Academy Charter School, developed by the 100 LEGACY Academy Charter School Board in partnership with the Board of The 100 Black Men of New Jersey, aims to educate, encourage, mentor and prepare young people of Newark and Irvington for higher education and the career of their choice. The school will initially open in August 2012 with grades 6 through 8 (approximately 300 students) and expand in the fall of 2013 by adding grade 9. The school will then add a grade per year until The 100 LEGACY Academy Charter School is a fully articulated 6-11 school serving students in the region of residence of Newark and Irvington--contiguous districts in Essex County. Contingent on the charter renewal, the school will add Grade 12 by the first year of the charter's renewal.

The LEGACY Framework of Leadership Development; Entrepreneurship; Globalization; Academic Achievement, Character Development and Youth Empowerment is a structural and cultural design that will: connect students to the school and the school to students; leverage positive relationships to tap into students, homes, communities, and school assets to develop student Leadership potential; provide students with a sense of "ownership" that comes with the spirit of Entrepreneurship; broaden students' sense of community to include the world through our attention to Globalization; set high expectations and provide students with role models and support needed to pursue excellence in Academic Achievement; recognize that Character Development is essential to helping students fulfill their potential; and connect students' school lives with their ability to define their own futures, thereby empowering Youth to be fully developed individuals.