Heartland Institute of Financial Education

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8301 East Prentice Avenue
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About Us

Mission: to provide engagement, commitment and empowerment through financial literacy and an understanding and application of capitalism, gaining life skills and positive character attributes to become a socially engaged, resilient, independent and productive citizen • to provide an action path personally designed for each student, obtaining the proper career assessment, curriculum design, college/career preparation, selection and funding process leading to effective education and meaningful employment.

"Empower Your Assets" Heartland Institute@Hinkley High School Aurora, CO:

• To provide economic empowerment and access to opportunity for all students and families through financial literacy and college/career planning delivered through individual advisement and coaching. We serve socio-economic disadvantaged, at-risk high school students striving to find each unique for interest, skills, educational path, college choice or meaningful employment. Personalized coaching and MENTORship will help them through the educational, social and character transitions to successful workforce readiness, personal accountability and responsibility. This program will begin with local partners Heartland Institute of Financial Education (HIFE), The Financial Education and Empowerment Transformation Center (FEET), and Hinkley High School (HHS), Aurora Colorado. This cohort will be tracked longitudinally for specific success measurement and mission alignment.