Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts

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1160 Dickinson Street
United States

About Us

The Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts is the voice of our local Jewish community and for millions of Jews around the world. Through its Annual Campaign, the Federation raises funds to support vital educational and social service programs for people in need in western Massachusetts, in Israel, and throughout the world. It provides services for the elderly; day care for toddlers; relief to families in distress; rescue for families in the former Soviet Union; resettlement services for people immigrating to Israel; and Jewish education and culture for our entire community. The Federation is committed to the core Jewish values of tzedakah (justice and charity), tikkun olam (repairing the world) and klal Yisrael(Jewish unity).Through the Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts, you can connect to a community that pursues social justice and human rights for all people... a community that fights Jewish poverty and hunger ... that rescues and resettles Jewish immigrants ... a community that strengthens and builds Jewish life around the world.

The Jewish Federation is a community without borders. A life-long community that grows with you from childhood to old age, from need to comfort, from spiritual isolation to fulfillment. A community that works to give every Jewish child the opportunity to live a life infused with the richness of our traditions. And every elderly Jew the opportunity to live their life with dignity.

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The Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts is a member of the Jewish Federations of North America.