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CULTURAL TRIANGLE OF PRESPES Agios Germanos, 53077 Prespes, Florina, Greece Registration number at the Chamber of Commerce in Florina: 857 Registration number at the Hellenic Aid Department of the Greek Foreign Ministry: 246 (no other registration number for Greek NGOs) Legal Representative: Gabriela Scheiner


The Cultural Triangle of Prespes (CTP) is an independent, non-profit local NGO situated on the borders of Albania, fYR of Macedonia and Greece. Active on a local, cross-border and European level we implement activities in the Youth, NGO and Tourism Development sectors Aims  To reduce the effects of rural isolation on the local communities at a cultural, economical and educational level  To bring together civil society activists and local stakeholders and to support them in strengthening their capacity and networking  To offer opportunities to children and young people from all over Europe to meet and to realise their possibilities, to develop skills in the fields of arts and new technologies and in taking initiatives

Fields of Activities

Development of Cross-Border Tourism

Local stakeholders and NGOs from three countries working together for the economic development of local communities

 Motivation and networking of local stakeholders  Creation and Promotion of thematic tourism products (packages)  Research and transfer of know-how from other European countries to the cross-border region  Capacity building and networking  Promotion of the region and of the tourism product  Recording and promotion of the traditions, habits and customs and publishing of books

NGO Capacity Building and Networking

Supporting NGOs to collaborate, strengthen their capacity and network with each other

 Research into NGOs and civil society activists, supporting enterprises, international organizations, specialists, cross-border volunteers, funding lines and support structures  Capacity building seminars and direct support for NGOs  NGO meetings to share, connect and collaborate  Promotion of the goals, aims and activities of NGOs

Children and Youth

Focusing on personal development, individual skills and preferences, motivating and supporting

 Music, Theatre, Arts and New Technology Workshops  Running of a Lending Library and a Youth Center  Hosting and Sending of European Volunteers  Annual International Youth Meetings  Promotion and Networking

Thank you in advance for all your time, we would really appreciate all your support. Thank you CTP team

For more information, have a look at our website: The website dedicated to the promotion of the whole region, still under construction because of the language issues described above: