Tapestry Public Charter School

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P.O. Box 48082
United States

About Us

The mission of Tapestry Public Charter School is to offer an inclusive, individualized learning environment that is academically engaging, both for neurotypical students and those on the autism spectrum, and to create a positive school culture that empowers all students to take possession of their innate talents and become creative builders of their own future.

Tapestry was founded with the vision to provide a charter middle/high school model in the DeKalb County School District that will facilitate an accommodating, encouraging, and responsive environment with a broad base of support and best practices that increase student achievement. An inclusive school designed for those who will benefit from a student-driven, experiential, sensory-based learning environment, Tapestry will utilize small, multi-age classrooms with flexible groupings and authentic hands-on learning experiences. This curricular design will allow all children to thrive, but it will be particularly engaging for students diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, who may not reach their potential in traditional middle and high school environments.

Set to open in August 2014, Tapestry will serve 96 students in grades 6-8, adding one grade each year and ultimately serving grades 6-12.