Montana Wilderness Association

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About Us

The Montana Wilderness Association (MWA) was founded in 1958 and works with communities to protect Montana’s wilderness heritage, quiet beauty and outdoor traditions, now and for future generations. Together with over 5,500 members nationwide, we envision a Montana where from the rugged mountains to the vast prairies, Montana’s wild places are protected, connected and restored because Montanans value wilderness as essential to our heritage and way of life.

As Montana's oldest and most effective grassroots wilderness advocacy organization, MWA is comprised of a dedicated 16-person staff, six offices, and six local chapters involving hundreds of volunteers across Montana. A volunteer State Council, elected by the membership, provides leadership for the 5,500-member organization. MWA relies on community organizing, collaboration and coalition building to build broad based public support for wild lands protection.

For more than half a century, MWA has led the fight to protect virtually every wilderness area in the state. Because of this unwavering commitment, MWA has established itself as a conservation leader in Montana with the proven ability to create collaborative partnerships with local ranchers, outfitters, loggers, community leaders and recreationists while building grassroots support from everyday Montanans to permanently protect Montana's wild places.