Intersection for the Arts

  • CA


925 Mission Street
Suite 109
San Francisco
United States

About Us

Intersection for the Arts is San Francisco’s oldest alternative art space and presents challenging new works in literature, theater, visual and interdisciplinary arts. We provide the community with a place where provocative ideas, diverse art forms, artists and audiences can intersect one another. We offer a space to perform and exhibit, programs of technical and financial assistance, and a point of view that encourages vision, risk taking and discovery. Intersection is an art space where experimentation and risk are still possible, where debate and critical inquiry are embraced, where community is essential, and where today’s issues are thrashed about in the heat and immediacy of live art.

5M Project The 5M Project is a creative development in downtown San Francisco designed to catalyze the innovative ideas that build our economy and strengthen our communities. It is a place that utilizes a collective need for innovation to encourage shared resources and ideas across traditional boundaries. Where artists, makers, students, changemakers, entrepreneurs, local food, and technology are coming together day and night. A place designed for people to create.

In the last two years, we’ve been assembling and connecting more than 2,000 creative organizations linked together at 5M through our partners: TechShop, Hub, SoMa Central, SFMade, Intersection for the Arts, Off the Grid and SOCAP, among others. Together, we are transforming an underutilized property into a vibrant place for community and innovation. Over the next ten years, the four-acre site (between 5th, Mission, and Howard Streets) will become a mix of low, mid, and high-rise buildings for living, working, and playing.

5M PlaceWorks As a direct outgrowth of interest from the communities surrounding 5M, Forest City and Intersection for the Arts are co-creating 5M PlaceWorks – a pioneering organization working to make the innovation-focused resources at 5M into an asset that strengthens our local neighborhoods and creates economic opportunity for disadvantaged communities. PlaceWorks is working to remove barriers and build partnerships between non-profit and for-profit; urban development and community services; social and economic growth. We aim to bridge the collaborative power of more than 2,000 diverse organizations and individuals linked at the 5M Project with the surrounding neighborhoods through two primary levers – PLACEMAKING and ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY.