Pacific Charter School Development

  • California


600 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 200
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

Pacific Charter School Development, Inc. or PCSD, a California non-profit public benefit corporation, is the leading developer of charter school facilities nationally. PCSD’s mission is to deliver quality learning environments for charter schools in underserved communities. Charter school operators face a number of challenges as they work to reform education in our nation – and more than 40% of operators report having stable, affordable facilities as a leading day-to-day issue and a major investment of their time that should be spent educating.

PCSD manages revolving equity funds and real estate development activities in three regions – Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington State. In total, we have constructed 60+ new facilities serving over 26,000 students, primarily in the California market. Our clients include some of the highest performing operators in the nation including Green Dot Public Schools, Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, Summit Public Schools, KIPP Bay Area Schools and many more.