Darrington Internet Users Association

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37814 Swede Heaven Rd
United States

About Us

Non Profit Internet Service Provider solving the rural internet divide by Improving Access, Enhancing Public Safety, and Enabling Commerce through programs and services.

Formed July of 2017 the Darrington Internet Users Association brings high speed internet to rural homes and businesses improving emergency service communications covering Arlington Heights to Darrington up to Sauk-Suiattle. With a planned release date of late 2018 our ground-breaking organization will destroy the rural internet divide enhancing the local economy and enabling residents to learn and explore the world wide web with features like no contracts, no data caps, local leadership, local support programs, users as members, and being a nonprofit 501c3. 

The Town of Darrington is a beautifully authentic rural mountain community. We are a place of genuine people, rugged landscape and a community carved by history. Our local identity rests on our relationship with the surrounding environment. Brilliant stars that shine at night can still be admired in a sky framed by snow capped peaks and mountains with native names and stories such as Skadulqwas and SoBalhiAlhi.