The Purpose Network, Inc.

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About Us

The Purpose Network, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in Orlando, Florida, created to advance the overall quality of life for people. Human Purpose is the area of our cause and our focus is in the promotion and advocacy of "purposeful living", living life with a sense of purpose. Our organization's mission is to enable people to discover and experience their purpose in life to drive positive social impact. We accomplish our mission by matching and connecting people with tools, people, organizations and information resources that enable self-discovery of one’s life purpose. This advancement is only possible by strategic alliances with organizations focused on social impact and engaging as many people as possible in giving, volunteering, participating and networking. 

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Volunteer Mentor - Talent Sourcing & Acquisition Lead (Volunteer Opportunity)

Volunteer Mentor - Instructional Design Lead (Volunteer Opportunity)

Board Member - Programs (Volunteer Opportunity)

Board Member - Governance (Volunteer Opportunity)