Fondation Katapausis

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About Us

Fondation Katapausis is a Haitian non-profit founded in April 2015 to promote economic development on this land and offer socio-economic opportunities to young adults.

Our vision motivates us to work so to help emerge a new Haitian society where the young adults can take themselves in charge, reach financial freedom and get helpful to their communities.

As for our activities, we organize economic training on marketing, management, project, enterpreneurship, financial freedom, finances, etc. Through these trainings, we seek to get them aware on how they can manage their resources to build a better life.

Then we manage to elaborate and carry out projects to help those we have trained to find jobs and / or develop lucrative activities.

We also have many actions to take, a plenty of projects to make come true. We are doing our best with you to achieve them so we can make the world, especially Haiti, a better place.

Latest Listings

Leadership trainer (Volunteer Opportunity)