Pacific Shellfish Institute

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About Us

The Pacific Shellfish Institute (PSI) is a Section 501(c)(3) private nonprofit organization formed in 1995 to develop and disseminate scientific and technical information of value to the general public, shellfish farmers, and public officials in connection with shellfish-related environmental, and animal and human health and safety issues. PSI maintains an office and a small laboratory in Olympia, Washington, USA.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our vision is for healthy coastal ecosystems and productive and sustainable shellfish populations along the U.S. West Coast. Our mission is, therefore, to provide the shellfish industry, resource managers, and the general public with practical tools and information for accomplishing these goals. PSI research and educational activities are aimed at supporting sustainable shellfish production and restoration, protecting marine ecosystems, reducing user-conflicts, and informing coastal planning decisions. Most of our activities focus on publicly-funded research projects to evaluate the ecology, health, and diseases of shellfish, including oysters, mussels and clams. We also conduct much needed social research to characterize the status of the shellfish production and restoration along the West Coast, including examinations into the economic costs and benefits of shellfish activities and socio-economic assessments of barriers to entry and sustainable production for the shellfish industry. PSI is a small, flexible organization with a broad research and outreach portfolio and a strong record of acquiring a variety of competitively awarded federal, state, and private grants. PSI’s close working relationships with members of shellfish industry and a variety of state and federal agencies and universities throughout the region plays an important role in PSI’s ability to provide key research and information services along the West Coast.

PSI emphasizes sound science, broad partnerships, meaningful stakeholder collaboration, and sustainable coastal communities and ecosystems. By applying these values to everything we do, PSI aims to engender an environment that understands and values the ecological, economic, and social contributions of shellfish and shellfish aquaculture to the region.